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Catching Dreams by White-Rabbit-75 Catching Dreams :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 4 4 Flutterby by White-Rabbit-75 Flutterby :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 4 3 Undersea by White-Rabbit-75 Undersea :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 6 3 Rainbow Love by White-Rabbit-75 Rainbow Love :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 6 6 Phoenix Rising by White-Rabbit-75 Phoenix Rising :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 11 2 A Splash of Colour (in this dreary world) by White-Rabbit-75 A Splash of Colour (in this dreary world) :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 9 3 Tribal Owl by White-Rabbit-75 Tribal Owl :iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 8 3
"This is who you are,"
     she whispers;
Starlight eyes raining
     upon your face like meteorites
(and we are all stardust).
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 2 5
I feel myself rising,
       as if parts of me are trying to escape
But the pressure of your beating heart
        keeps me terrene,
And the depths of your mouth
the quintessence of my very being.
And for a time
we are not human.
We are animal
simple and general
perfect and beautiful
but Wholly Unremarkable.
Archaic projections of who
we really are.
[we are not unique
   we are a shared experience
And suddenly, I feel every piece of you -
Every connected cell.
   And I am blind but for the feeling of you
and the taste of your yearning
mixed with mine.
     (I suddenly recognize the flavor in my mouth)
As I absorb every inch of you;
      an apotheosis
of your skin
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 0 1
I Can't Find It
And I'm drowning...
in the memory of your breath.
Long lost whispers of
I tell you to sleep;
Sleep alongside
     the whirling pools of
past regrets,
and watch with me
my soul slip
     slowly                        away.
[And I didn't even see it leave]
Two and we're alone
And we're afraid
And I'm a liar
because there's nothing else to be
When once there was and now there
In the depths of my hatred
     In the depths of my love
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 0 5
The Butterflies Still Sing.
I spread before me
                 the pictures of you
that I've collected over the years
Memories and mementos.
Each one filed carefully in my heart
under "Mistress".
I look at all the wrong choices
                 and mistakes
We have made.
I look at all the love we wrapped around each other,
                 glittering in the air
    like snow
or like diamonds.
I read the words,
the promises and disappointments,
and find I am no longer bitter.
I hold each picture dearly,
Even those most painful.
You've shaped me into who I am,
molded me into myself.
I am thankful.
Even though I have moved past,
and the white rabbit doesn't run so fast,
the haberdasher goes about his own business,
and the caterpillar has transfo
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 2 3
Of Various Subjects
I am not going to write about you.
I am going to write about your hands,
and how when they brush my skin, I shiver all over
because it makes me feel that every cell in my body has been rearranged.
I am writing about your smile,
and how it makes the corners of my own mouth turn upward
because it makes me feel connected and secluded and home.
I am writing about your laugh,
and how it makes my head swim within itself
because the music of it makes me feel so light and free.
And how i get butterflies when you look at me,
but I drink in your glances and your stares
like sweet nectar
like sustenance
like life.
And how it makes me feel almost beautiful.
I am writing about how I can't stop thinking about you.
How I see your face in the clouds,
And how the cracks in the pavement spell out your name,
And how the wind rushes softly past, caressing me - and I wish it was you.  
I wish all of it was you.
And I am writing about your hands,
but I'm not going to write about you.
I'm writing a
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 3 4
A Reawakening
To lift your head
     and take in the morning light
   after an arctic darkness  -
That is what it is to know you.
I have always wondered why,
        Forever searching for reasons.
And you have opened the curtains wide.
And I see me.
You have shown me my own soul
       Cradled softly in your hands,
              Reflected in your eyes.
    (And it is not so dark anymore)
I am unified. I am one.
        I am Myself.
I know this.
       And I am proud.
Because you are the Morning.
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 1 5
Do you hear it too?
There is a face
         Etched in the frost
     On my window pane.
The features are vague
But I know it is yours.
There is a name
            Called out through the rustle of the trees
     On lonely winter nights.
The sound is distant
But I know it is my name.
There is a voice
           Falling with the snow
     That blankets a sleeping Earth.
The words are obscure
But I know they are your words.
There is a heartbeat
        Following my footsteps
     Along an empty street.
The pulse is dampened
But I know it beats for me.
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 0 0
I Carry Pieces of You
Sometimes I awake in a stupor of the past
           And I look for you.
You are tunnel vision.
   (But I have a piece of you)
And when the lights go out,
            All I have in my hands
Are feathers.
            Is she here…
Is she here right now?
            (When I kiss the air
I have a taste of you)
And when the lights go out,
             All I have in my hands
Are pieces.
                (And I kissed an angel
With a burning forest in her eyes)        
I haven’t left yet.
           I h
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 2 3
It's a downward spiral, but you can't find the floor; so
You sink into an eternity of endings,
          a forever of goodbyes,
Stretched out to paper thinness;
              A Burgeoning ribbon of needlesharp threads
      Extending below
                    into the abyssal pit
That encompasses your everything,
                            your always.
You float above the threat of nonexistance
                  and wonder if maybe,
Maybe if you let it go,
wash yourself in a novocain of 'good enough',
and make do
:iconwhite-rabbit-75:White-Rabbit-75 5 7


Floyd the Basset Hound by BlackDogBarnyard Floyd the Basset Hound :iconblackdogbarnyard:BlackDogBarnyard 166 46 Buppy by BlackDogBarnyard Buppy :iconblackdogbarnyard:BlackDogBarnyard 584 137 Basset hound by pakowalik Basset hound :iconpakowalik:pakowalik 153 30 Basset Hound Love Stamp by cloudrat Basset Hound Love Stamp :iconcloudrat:cloudrat 323 21 He Who Catches Dreams (remake) by Shirokibo He Who Catches Dreams (remake) :iconshirokibo:Shirokibo 241 49 Dreamcatcher by Kel-Del Dreamcatcher :iconkel-del:Kel-Del 525 36 Tribal Kitsune by KagamiNoHikari Tribal Kitsune :iconkagaminohikari:KagamiNoHikari 11 3 love in your eyes by artisticalshell love in your eyes :iconartisticalshell:artisticalshell 1,133 56 Basset hound by faboarts Basset hound :iconfaboarts:faboarts 7,460 574 Eagle : Promarker Drawing by JakubQaazAdamski Eagle : Promarker Drawing :iconjakubqaazadamski:JakubQaazAdamski 233 34 Zing by FinchFight Zing :iconfinchfight:FinchFight 247 26 Day 246 - ACEO Drawing for Charity by secrets-of-the-pen Day 246 - ACEO Drawing for Charity :iconsecrets-of-the-pen:secrets-of-the-pen 232 44 Birds by niziolek Birds :iconniziolek:niziolek 250 50 sparrow tattoo design by Todrey sparrow tattoo design :icontodrey:Todrey 253 12 ACEO-Cardinal by soulwithin465 ACEO-Cardinal :iconsoulwithin465:soulwithin465 352 28 Hummingbird Watercolor Painting by Olechka01 Hummingbird Watercolor Painting :iconolechka01:Olechka01 320 11


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Canada

Emote Turkey Gobble Gobble!


Star!  10 Days of Honesty Details  Star!

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. I basically live in a zoo! We have 5 cats, a dog, a bird (quaker parakeet) and 2 snakes. All rescues with the exception of my oldest kitty :) :heart:

2. I have finally found the person I will spend the rest of my life with, and I cannot wait to grow old with him Heart Love Heart Love 

3. I am an extreme introvert - I can`t handle being around people for very long, no matter how much I like that person (my fiance being the exception of course lol)

4. I am afraid of young children.

5. My favourite place in the world is my porch :heart:

6. I am obsessed with owls, Nintendo (especially Zelda; I am a hardcore Zelda nerdette ;) ) ... and nail art!

7. I can beat Ocarina of Time in a day. (Again, Zelda nerd here!)

8. I will always be about 6 years old in my heart :heart:


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I saw this on TheQuiet-Llama's journal and think it is a fantastic project :)

The first 20 people to comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three of my favourite deviations from their gallery! 

*Visual artists only, please! 

To get a feature, you must also post this in your own journal. :)

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

If you aren't featured yet, then you probably missed a step ;)




1. TheQuiet-Llama
Little wings by TheQuiet-Llama **  Stylized bird by TheQuiet-Llama  **  Within reach by TheQuiet-Llama

 ~ I love how this artist's pieces are simple yet intricate. The colour palettes are beautiful, and the way she can make the colours glow is wonderful :)

2. SolarLunix

Happy Birthday AshleyxBrooke by SolarLunix ** Skeletons don't read books by SolarLunix ** Hide Away by SolarLunix

 ~ Beautiful, soft pencil work. Looove the owl! :heart:
                            :star:  10 Days of Honesty Details  :star:

Day OneTen things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. You think you're not needy, that everyone else is needier than you, when you are the neediest of all. Thank you for bringing me into this life, but please let me live it.

2. My biggest fear is that one day you will start seeing me the way I see myself.

You make me feel like a stronger person than I really am. I become confident due to your lack of it, so that I can take care of you.

4. The best thing that ever happened to me was being with you. Not because I loved you, or because you made me happy (neither are true), but because you were the first step in a chain of events that led me to where I am today, and to the love of my life. Without you, who knows what different path I might have taken.

5. I may forget to call sometimes, but I love you more than you'll ever realize, and I thank you for raising me right.

6. I can never decide if you're telling the truth.

7. You were not the victim. You were the perpetrator, and it was justice.

8. We told you. We all told you. Your family all told you. DON'T FUCKING DO IT. Now look where you are. See you in November. I miss you.

9. I am so proud of you for getting there before I did. No one expected that, I bet not even you : )

10. I miss you, and it's not the same without you.
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